National University of Singapore (NUS)

User Experience Design Showcase

Apr 2010

Presenting viewers with a virtual exhibition-like experience, this website showcases 9 projects created by students during the course of a User Experience Design module (NM4210) offered by the CNM Department at NUS.

Its interactive user interface was designed to enable quick glance of projects, provide easy-access to details, and cater dedicated space for each project.

Maris Stella High School (MSHS)

MSHS Alumni

Mar 2007

This portal was created as part of Maris Stella High School Alumni's efforts in connecting alumni members—past, present and future.

To better serve audiences from various generations, the solution was a bilingual website that caters English and Chinese editions.

Customised features were built to facilitate managing of member applications, provide news updates and support interaction among members.

Development Team

Temasek Polytechnic (TP)

School of Informatics & IT

Nov 2004

This website was designed and developed in accordance with a new branding move—enjoyIT—by School of Informatics & IT, Temasek Polytechnic.

The making of this website ignited early learning and exploration of user-centred design and facilitated the opportunity to design and create a Content Management System (CMS) from scratch.

TP School of Informatics & IT (IIT) was formerly known as Temasek Information Technology School.


  • Eber-Tan Yu Lin, Josephine
  • Yeo Sze Wee

Development Team

  • Ng Wee Hua
  • Chia Cheng Yen

Uniquely Singapore

Living Experience

Jul 2004

The HDB estates in Singapore are filled with many interesting features. One such feature is the ground-level, termed void deck, which certainly isn't void. It is a place filled with activities such as social gatherings and Malay weddings. For some, the feeling of reaching the void deck is akin to reaching home.

This website puts forward the living experience in Singapore as an attribute that is unique to Singaporeans. The living environment is the backdrop to a lifestyle that is uniquely Singaporean.


  • Eber-Tan Yu Lin, Josephine

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