Hello! Welcome.
I'm Wee Hua from Singapore.

I'm a Creative Technologist who loves to see happiness in people. To a large extent, how happy people are with a creation determines my take on how successful the creation really is.

Crafting with the principles of happiness over the years, I am pleased and honoured to have received some awards and recognition.

While specialising in creative and interactive media design roles, I also have experience in disciplines ranging from web and graphic design, to software development and video production.

Education-wise, I hold a Bachelor of Computing honours degree in Communications and Media from the National University of Singapore and a Diploma in Internet Computing with Merit from Temasek Polytechnic.

Design & technology
is all over my life.

I cannot surf a website or read a magazine without looking into its ideas, layout and typography.

Likewise, I can no longer watch a film or TV commercial without appreciating its concept and saluting to its technical achievements.

Above all, I learn and seek inspiration through a diversity of experiences. It could be something as simple as strolling along the Singapore River.

Every so often,
it's complicated to be simple.

Photograph of Ng Wee Hua

When I'm away
from the computer...

I can be found with broomsticks and mops around Bukit Merah View estate, visiting the elderly and tidying up their houses. Leading Zhi Shan Voluntary Group, I organise and participate in numerous charitable activities regularly.

Did you know? One of the best ways to ask me out is to include pool or snooker in the agenda!


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